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This page list features to be implemented on future iterations as well as features already implemented in the current stable release.


  1. Custom Action Library for Windows Workflow Foundation
    1. Create WorkItem Custom Action
    2. Update WorkItem Custom Action
    3. Close WorkItem Custom Action
    4. Reopen WorkItem Custom Action
    5. Retrieve WorkItem Custom Action
  2. Website for Workflow Interaction
    1. Allow administrator to specify the Views for the workflow activities using a web application project with usercontrols
    2. Allow administrator to associate workflows to be used in each Project/Area of TFS
    3. Allow end users to start new instances of selected workflows
    4. Enable the concept of Inbox for the end users
    5. Allow the administrator to view the inbox of any other user
    6. Display a report on the times that each activity took on the workflow
    7. Display a report on the time that the users entered in the timetracking application
    8. Display a report comparing the two other reports
  3. Windows Application for Workflow Definitions
    1. Allow administrator to define the projects
    2. Allow administrator to define the customers
    3. Allow administrator to define the workflows
      1. Allow usage of Windows Workflow Designer
      2. Allow versioning of Workflow Definitions (New Instances use up-to-date definition)
  4. Messenger-Style Application
    1. Enable end users and developers to track time spent on activities
    2. Enable end users to use a timer to start and stop time tracking of an activity
    3. Display currently assigned activities to the user
    4. Display notifications of status updates on workflow instances that the user is expected to do something
    5. Allow users to choose an object model and query to create an inbox
  5. Windows Communication Foundation Workflow Service
    1. Service the Workflows that the administrator specified (via Workflow libraries) to:
      1. The Website
      2. The Messenger-Style Application


Feature Not Implemented Feature Implemented or Partially Implemented


This is not by any means the definitive set of features in the application and is subject to change without further notice.

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